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The Bible That God Breathed

When Paul thinks about the Scripture, he holds firmly in his mind that God inspired those writings. But, he makes use of those writings in ways that, if done today in many churches, would get most preachers dismissed from the pulpit.

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Replacing God

Replacing God I have an inner fear.  It is one that I have expressed to myself in private and one that continues to meander through the many twists and turns of my mind.  It is, I believe, a healthy fear.  It isn't the type of fear that can render a person incapable...

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Why Get Baptized?

Why Get Baptized? Thoughts on Rebaptism and the Biblical Reasons for Being Baptized Ok, I'll admit it.  Rewriting a book about baptism isn't the only thing I've done regarding this topic (yes, I had an initial attempt at a book that I have since removed).  I've also...

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The Equality of Baptism

The Equality of Baptism is Only Understood When We First Understand the Gospel. This seems like a HUGE no brainer, but in many circles like my own, the message of the gospel can get pushed aside in an all-out effort to get people to experience baptism.  Or, contrarily...

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The Flood That Didn’t Work

Okay.  So I will start by saying that my view on the flood of Noah isn't one that I have ever really noticed or seen talked about in many places. By many, I mean anywhere (not that I have looked everywhere). Normally, this would (and should, perhaps) give one pause...

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