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Replacing God

Replacing God I have an inner fear.  It is one that I have expressed to myself in private and one that continues to meander through the many twists and turns of my mind.  It is, I believe, a healthy fear.  It isn't the type of fear that can render a person incapable...

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Why Get Baptized?

Why Get Baptized? Thoughts on Rebaptism and the Biblical Reasons for Being Baptized Ok, I'll admit it.  Rewriting a book about baptism isn't the only thing I've done regarding this topic (yes, I had an initial attempt at a book that I have since removed).  I've also...

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The Equality of Baptism

The Equality of Baptism is Only Understood When We First Understand the Gospel. This seems like a HUGE no brainer, but in many circles like my own, the message of the gospel can get pushed aside in an all-out effort to get people to experience baptism.  Or, contrarily...

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The Flood That Didn’t Work

Okay.  So I will start by saying that my view on the flood of Noah isn't one that I have ever really noticed or seen talked about in many places. By many, I mean anywhere (not that I have looked everywhere). Normally, this would (and should, perhaps) give one pause...

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