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Leviticus 10 and the Overly Worried Church

I was once asked a question regarding the Lord's Supper. The question was in regards to what the church's (churches of Christ) rules or guidelines were in regards to who can and cannot partake. The congregation I am a part of has never, in my time here, taken time to...

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In The Beginning There Was a Dome

There are some who may feel ashamed that such “untruths” are in our sacred texts…that in the beginning their was a dome. I, for one, feel not an ounce of shame or embarrassment. I embrace the story, not because it holds some ultimate scientific truth, but because it holds out an even greater truth about life and my experiences…experiences that are not too dissimilar from that experienced by those people of old who told this story.

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In The Beginning There Was a Bunch of Useless Stuff

Let's face it. When Genesis was written, the authors knew nothing of what we call "modern science". "The Big Bang"...they'd never heard of it (nor did God have them secretly imbed this into the text without their knowledge, knowing one day we would be looking for it)....

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The Bible That God Breathed

When Paul thinks about the Scripture, he holds firmly in his mind that God inspired those writings. But, he makes use of those writings in ways that, if done today in many churches, would get most preachers dismissed from the pulpit.

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