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King Saul, the God Seeker

We all know that David was a man after God's own heart, but when it came to seeking the divine guidance of God, King Saul was an exemplar. This is something I noticed as I was studying and writing my newest and yet to be released book, Elusive God. As I began to study...

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Statue Removal & the Bible

Let's start with a Bible story, shall we? In Scripture, we have the story of a young woman, the youngest daughter of a king, who fell in love. She was enamored with a ruddy and handsome man who would one day supplant her father's kingdom. Her father had planned to...

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The Story of Tamar and Black Lives Matter

For years, blacks in our society have been telling us of their suffering, but their cries have fallen in deaf and unbelieving ears. Just as Tamar had been passed on and passed over, so too have the blacks in our society been treated.

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