I am going to rant just a little about lies and how we love to hear them. Normally my posts are dedicated to exploring a biblical character or a strange story from our Scripture. But not today. Today I want to talk about the lies we love to hear.

I have become saddened by recent political posts that come across my social media news’ feed.

Now you might be thinking that I am saddened because I disagree with the point being made by the post, or that the post comes from “the other side” of the political isle and that, therefore, I do not like it.

But this isn’t the case. Not at all. Not even close.

So, why am I so disheartened?

There is truly only one reason, and it has very little to do with actual politics or policies. I am saddened by our lack of dedication to truth.

I have seen posts and memes shared by people who follow the God who is truth, whose word is truth, the enemy of Whom is known as the father of lies…and yet these same people will post lies and falsehoods. I do not believe they intend to post lies, but the intention is of little consequence.

Instead, they post a lie because they never cared to see if it were true. Truth became irrelevant. What took top priority was their point, their cause, their stance or their political affiliation.

When did the church become so disinterested in telling and spreading truth? When did we adopt the language of Satan as our own?

Why are we doing this?

Like the reason for my angst, the answer to this is also simple: we do not care if the post is true, if “so-and-so” actually did say or write that, or if the data is actually correct because the post supports our position or stance. We feel that our stance is true and therefore we need not bother with whether or not the post we shared is true.

We cannot share lies and expect people to believe us.

But these are the lies we love to hear. The ones that support our political party. The ones that drive home the point we have been longing to put into words.

Christian: if you have a point you feel needs to be driven home, I have a favor to ask of you. Drive it home with truth. Do not share a meme that shows Adolph Hitler making “the other side’s” talking points unless he actually did! Check it out first.

And please, for the love of truth, do not defend your lie by saying, “I don’t care if the stats/quotation/citation is true. The point of the meme is true!” Just admit you didn’t realize it wasn’t true and find a truthful way to make your point.

We shouldn’t be comfortable with lies. The worst lies, however, are the lies we love to hear.