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Do You Really Know the Bible?

The Bible has been a source of controversy for the past 2000 years. Men such as Marcion have tried to throw out the Old Testament, scriptures used to enslave individuals (mentally and physically), and many in our society have chalked it up to fairytales. However, there is something beautiful found in the scriptures that causes a yearning to know more.

Some people ask: Is the Bible for me? Can anyone understand the scriptures? Is there truth relevant for me today?

So on and so on! These questions and many like them are great questions. This site is for individuals seeking to get a deeper understanding of the message that God has given us through His prophets long ago. Look at this like a journey. I pray that you will be blessed with a desire to know more and search the scriptures for yourself, because in them is life. May God, who has given us so much, richly bless you with wisdom and knowledge to know Him.